Why use heat when you can get heatless curls overnight?

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Sleep-in Hair Roller.

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No Electricity.

Save Environment.

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The Aurora Band: Best hair curler for getting heatless curls overnight with beachy waves

Ever dreamt of having curly and wavy hair without using damaging heat styling tools or harsh chemicals? And without spending too much time and effort? Then the Aurora Band is the perfect product for you. The Aurora Band is the ultimate solution for getting salon quality no heat curls and saves the environment as it does not require any electricity. You can buy your Aurora Band from the comfort of your home or office and get your favourite hair curling product delivered right to your doorstep.


Best product for curling your hair — Heatless Curls Overnight

An innovative overnight hair roller, tried and tested on thousands of people with varied ethnic backgrounds and hair qualities. Recommended by hair stylists worldwide, The Aurora Band is the answer to all your heat free, healthy and eco-friendly hair curling needs.

  1. Extremely comfortable sleep-in hair roller — It takes less than 2 minutes to wrap your hair around which will give you long-lasting curls and wavy hair while sleeping. Recyclable super soft and spongy materials make it the best product for heatless hair curling in the market.
  2. For all age groups — Absolutely safe and comfortable to use on all age groups and hair types. Just make sure that you wash your hair before using The Aurora Band with alteast 80% dried hair before starting to wrap. *Please do read our how to use the aurora band detailed guide before using The Aurora Band to get the best results.
  3. Beautiful hair accessory — The headband can be worn as an excellent and comfortable hair accessory while you are at work or you are sleeping. You don’t have to worry about your hair curling needs anymore as The Aurora Band takes care of that; anytime anywhere.
  4. Colour options — We have two beautiful colour options available in adult bands; one being Rubine Red (which is a dark version of red colour) and the other one being jet Black. We have an amazing one for the kids as well which is a soft pink shade.
  5. Effortless curls & quality — The Aurora Band is the only single foam hair roller in the market which makes it really easy to get perfect hair curls with minimal effort. The soft memory foam core has a very long life span. The fabric used has a high tenacity and strength value adding to the overall high quality of the product.
  6. *14 days money back guarantee — If for any reason you change your mind but have not used the product then we’ll refund the entire money including postage and handling costs paid by you. As the product’s nature is for personal use thus we have to maintain this return policy.
  • The most visible results will be achieved on hair lengths that go from shoulders down, and can be wrapped around our heatless curling band three times.


Benefits of heatless curls?

Did you know how adversely you damage your hair every time you use a heating iron rod or curler to get hair curls? Heating devices significantly damage your hair by changing its properties as it sucks the moisture out of your hair. This leads to loss in volume over a continued period of time along with breakage, hair fall, permanent alteration of hair texture along with other side effects.

Apart from the heating devices for hair curling the chemicals used also result in dryness, scalp irritations, split ends, allergic reactions and other hair problems. These kind of acts and carelessness can spell a disaster for your beautiful voluminous hair.

You not only damage your hair because of heat but also the environment as there are several studies that prove that how these small electrical appliances like heated hair curlers emit CO2 by means of using electricity.

The Aurora Band – Heatless Hair Curler is the answer to the above mentioned big problems that we face today. It not only provides big bouncy salon quality curls but also protects the hair from the heat and also the environment as it does not require even a single unit of electricity. It gives your amazing Hollywood waves as well.

So enjoy using The Aurora Band and looking forward to a shoutout on your favourite social media platform ; )