Using The Aurora Band —

Wrap it. Leave it. Remove it. Love it.


#TheAuroraBand is super easy to use and takes just a few minutes to apply and remove. To achieve the best result and make your curls last all day, watch the tutorial video above or follow the steps below:


Prepare your hair to wear The Aurora Band
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Prepare – wash, brush & split

Use on freshly washed hair that has been dried at least 80% before wrapping. Brush the damp hair thoroughly and split your hair at the nape of your neck (as if making pigtails).

Wear and Start wrapping The Aurora Band
► 00:10


Wear & Start – wrapping

Put the Aurora Band on your head with the elastic fabric band on your forehead.

Always start wrapping from the front. Take a large section of hair and wrap once around the headband.

Wrap hair sections on The Aurora Band
► 00:42


Continue – wrapping

Take a 2nd section and add to this the remainder of 1st section and wrap once. Add the 3rd section to remainder of the 2nd section and wrap once. Continue wrapping the 3rd section and seal the tips of your hair to the velcro at the back.

Wrap other side of hair on The Aurora Band
► 01:14


Wrap – the other side

Continue this method on the opposite side of your head and when you get to the back, leave a small gap between each side of hair so you know from where to start unwrapping your hair in the morning.

Sleep like a Beauty, WakeUp like a Goddess
► 01:29


Relax – let the magic happen

Now just relax, enjoy and get your beauty sleep just to wake up in the morning like a Goddess.

Get your

#AuroraBand now.


Pull and twist The Aurora Band to start unwrapping
► 01:35


Pull & Twist – the band

Pull The Aurora Band back, down to your forehead and twist so that the velcro faces the scalp thereby revealing loops of the hair. Start gently unwrapping from back to the front.

Gently pull hair loop off The Aurora Band
► 01:47


Gently – unwrap the loops

Find your last loop, pull the band away from your head, put your fingers under the loops and gently unwrap them. Continue doing the same for the following loops as well.

Repeat unwrapping The Aurora Band
► 02:13


Repeat – the other side

Once all hair loops have been unlooped from the band from one side of your head, repeat step 1 and 2 for the other side as well.

Gently remove The Aurora Band
► 02:21


Make sure – all loops unwrapped

Once all loops are removed, run your fingers once again to make sure that no loop is left unwrapped. Now, hold the night roller and gently pull the band away from your head.

Shake it. Twist it. Enjoy your heatless curls.
► 02:25


Shake it. Twist it. – enjoy the curls

Hair will look wild once the hair band is removed as this is the volume & will settle down in a few minutes. Shake & Twist your curls into place. Brush to get more wavy look.

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