How to use the Aurora Band

The Aurora Band is super easy to use and takes just a few minutes to apply and remove.
To achieve the best result and make your curls last all day, watch this tutorial video or follow the written steps below:


  1. Use on freshly washed hair (after using the Aurora Band one time after shower, there is no need to wash your hair again before using the night roller until your next shower).
  2. Apply to damp hair (90 – 95% dry)
  3. Brush the hair thoroughly.
  4. Put the Aurora Hair Band on your head with the Velcro at the back and the band on your Forehead.
  5. Split your hair at the nape of your neck (as if making pigtails).
  6. Always start wrapping from the front.
  7. Take a large section of hair and wrap once around the headband.
  8. Take a second section and add to this the remainder of first section and wrap once.
  9. Take a third section and add to this the remainder of second section and wrap once.
  10. You only need 3 sections either side of your head so continue wrapping third section and seal the tips of your hair to the Velcro at the back.
  11. Continue this method on the opposite side of your head and when you get to the back, leave a small gap between each side of hair so you know where to start unwrapping your hair in the morning.


  1. Pull the Aurora Band back down to your forehead and twist down so the band is inside out (Fabric side facing away from head) revealing the loops of hair.
  2. Start unwrapping from the back to the front.
  3. Find your last loop, pull the band away from your head and get your finger under the hair and pull.
  4. Find the next loop, pull band away from your head, get your finger under the hair and pull.
  5. Continue this method until all hair is removed from the band from one side of your head.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 on opposite side of your head.
  7. When all your hair has been unwrapped, run your finger around the headband to make sure you haven’t missed any loops.
  8. Hold the front of the night roller and gently pull the band away from your head.
  9. At this point, when the Aurora Band has been removed, your hair will look wild (this is the volume in your hair, it will settle within a few minutes).
  10. Shake your hair out and then twist your curls into place. To get a more wavy look, brush to get wavy hair.


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