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Really happy with my Aurora Band Night Roller. First product which actually curls my hair and stays all day!

@theauroraband never fails ,after over a year of using it, it never fails to amaze me how great it looks, heat free curl!

Happy Mammy! This Band works like magic! It takes literally 2 minutes to do my daughters hair in the morning and with no heat I know I’m not damaging her hair.

@theauroraband so easy to use and comfy to sleep on ! No more heat for my hair #highlyrecommended

This was it this morning when I woke up….Hair all still in tacked 🙂 it’s amazing so happy with it thank you.

Used mine for the first time last night .So pleased ! Will save me lots of time, especially with having a 1 year old 🙂

Love it ! My Daughters hair is so thick its usually a nightmare to style this was only my second attempt and I love it .My mornings will be a lot easier. Thank you

Great products. I don’t like my daughter using heated products on her hair, so this is perfect !

This is now my go too product and have been recommending it to everyone – even to the drive through worker at the fast food chain when she asked what it dose as I had it in my hair, Thank you thank you thank you!

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