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Really happy with my Aurora Band Night Roller. First product which actually curls my hair and stays all day!

@theauroraband never fails ,after over a year of using it, it never fails to amaze me how great it looks, heat free curl!

Happy Mammy! This Band works like magic! It takes literally 2 minutes to do my daughters hair in the morning and with no heat I know I'm not damaging her hair.

I bought my aurora band on Sunday at Pro live and I just to let you know how pleased I am with it! It's so simple to use and gives perfect hair everyone. And It's so comfy to sleep in! Great Product

Birthday hair! Best invention ever

@theauroraband so easy to use and comfy to sleep on ! No more heat for my hair #highlyrecommended

This is now my go too product and have been recommending it to everyone - even to the drive through worker at the fast food chain when she asked what it dose as I had it in my hair, Thank you thank you thank you!

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Fresh out of @theauroraband!

Used mine for the first time last night .So pleased ! Will save me lots of time, especially with having a 1 year old :)

Love it ! My Daughters hair is so thick its usually a nightmare to style this was only my second attempt and I love it .My mornings will be a lot easier. Thank you

Great products. I don't like my daughter using heated products on her hair, so this is perfect !


Step 1

Smooth over roots leaving  the ends of the hair slightly Damp (NOT WET). Brush hair thoroughly and choose desired parting. Place The Aurora Band on your head  and secure the fabric side on your forehead and Brush hair thoroughly.

Step 2

Part the hair at the nape of the neck to make two equal sections as if making pig tails, put one side into a bobbin.

Step 3

Take a large section of hair (max 3-4 section each side). Brush section and pull the band out away from the head and wrap ‘Once only’ and pull through. Take your second section and add to it the remainder of the first section and wrap again Continue wrapping in this fashion until there are no more sections left on this side. Wrap the remaining hair on this side and seal the tips of your hair to the Velcro.

Step 4

Remove bobbin and Repeat Step 3 on the opposite side. Starting from the front working to the nape of the neck. (Ensuring to leave a gap at the nape of the neck where the two sections of hair meet).

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