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Really happy with my Aurora Band Night Roller. First product which actually curls my hair and stays all day!

@theauroraband never fails ,after over a year of using it, it never fails to amaze me how great it looks, heat free curl!

Happy Mammy! This Band works like magic! It takes literally 2 minutes to do my daughters hair in the morning and with no heat I know I'm not damaging her hair.

I bought my aurora band on Sunday at Pro live and I just to let you know how pleased I am with it! It's so simple to use and gives perfect hair everyone. And It's so comfy to sleep in! Great Product

Birthday hair! Best invention ever

@theauroraband so easy to use and comfy to sleep on ! No more heat for my hair #highlyrecommended

This is now my go too product and have been recommending it to everyone - even to the drive through worker at the fast food chain when she asked what it dose as I had it in my hair, Thank you thank you thank you!

This was it this morning when I woke up....Hair all still in tacked 🙂 it's amazing so happy with it thank you.

Fresh out of @theauroraband!

Used mine for the first time last night .So pleased ! Will save me lots of time, especially with having a 1 year old 🙂

Love it ! My Daughters hair is so thick its usually a nightmare to style this was only my second attempt and I love it .My mornings will be a lot easier. Thank you

Great products. I don't like my daughter using heated products on her hair, so this is perfect !


Steps to great hair

The Aurora Band is designed to style your hair while you sleep. Beautiful Salon Quality results achieved at home, without using heat or harsh chemicals

Applying The Aurora Band

Follow the steps to achieve results. When Wrapping:

1. Use on Freshly washed hair.

2. Dry Hair until it’s 90 – 95% Dry.

3. Brush Thoroughly.

4. Put The Aurora Band on your head with the Velcro at the back and the band on your Forehead.

5. Split your hair at the nape of your neck ( as if making pigtails).

6. Always start wrapping from the front.

7. Take a large section of hair and wrap once.

8. Take a second section and add to this the remainder of first section and wrap once.

9. Take a third section and add to this the remainder of second section and wrap once.

10. You only need 3 sections either side of your head so continue wrapping third section and seal the tips of your hair to the Velcro at the back.

11. Continue this method on the opposite side of your head and when you get to the back, leave a small gap between each side of hair so you know where to start unwrapping your hair in the morning

Removing The Aurora Band

Follow the steps to achieve results. When Unwrapping

1. Pull the band back down to your forehead and twist down so the band is inside out (Fabric side facing away from head) revealing the loops of hair.

2. Start unwrapping from the back to the front.

3. Find your last loop, pull the band away from your head and get your finger under the hair and pull.

4. Find the next loop, pull band away from your head, get your finger under the hair and pull.

5.Continue this method until all hair is removed from the band from one side of your head.

6. Repeat steps 2-5 on opposite side of your head.

7. When all your hair has been unwrapped, run your finger around the band to make sure you haven’t missed any loops.

8. Hold the front of the Band and gently pull the band away from your head.

9. At this point, when the band has been removed, your hair will look wild. (This is the volume in your hair. It will settle within a few minutes)

10. Shake your hair out and then twist your curls into place.

11. The next night there is no need to wash your hair again. Just brush out your hair and wrap again using the above steps. You can repeat this until you have to wash your hair

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