Velcro Roller - The Aurora Band

Aurora Band — The Best Heatless Hair Curler

We all deserve to start our day feeling like a goddess. Fortunately, it’s easy to get that goddess glow with the Aurora Band – the original and the best heatless curler, which produces salon quality curls and waves overnight.

Achieving perfect curls doesn’t need to involve fierce heat or harsh chemicals. And you shouldn’t have to spend hours fiddling with little rollers or curling tongs. The Aurora Band is an easy-to-use curling band that gives you heatless curls overnight. It’s a single heatless hair curler so there’s no need to mess around with awkward pins or hair ties, which can potentially spoil the effect of your curls. All you have to do is wrap your hair around the soft, cushioned band and go to sleep. When you remove it in the morning, you’ll have beautiful no-heat curls. It really is that simple.

Designed by a Master Hairdresser

The Aurora Band is the result of years of hairdressing experience. It was developed by Lindsey, a master hairdresser who owns a salon in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin. Lindsey would often see the damage caused by repeated use of heat and chemicals on her clients’ hair and decided she wanted to do something about this. She was inspired to design a product that would create heatless curls, that absolutely anyone could use and that wouldn’t be time consuming. A single heatless hair curler was the perfect solution.

As seen on Dragons Den

Lindsey definitely knows what people want when it comes to creating perfect no-heat curls – and that’s even been confirmed by a Dragon. Lindsey and husband Alex are so confident in their heatless curler, they demonstrated it on one of the most high pressure, high profile TV shows around: Dragons Den. And they were a huge success. Media mogul Gavin Duffy recognised that the Aurora Band is a product people need in their lives, so he invested the full amount required to get it off the ground. When a shrewd business executive puts both his money and his reputation behind a heatless hair curler on national TV, you know it’s going to be the best heatless curler around.

Simple to use and super comfortable

You don’t need to be skilled in styling to use the Aurora Band. Wash your hair just before you go to bed and when it’s still damp, wrap sections of it around the foam band. Then go to sleep. That’s it! The fact that it’s just one roller means you don’t have to juggle multiple small curlers or pins and there are no hard bits of plastic that can dig into your scalp. What’s more, you can move around in your sleep as much as you usually would, without any fear of the roller falling off or your hair coming undone. Find out exactly how to use the Aurora Band and achieve stunning heatless curls in our detailed ‘how to’ guide.

No need to feel the heat

Is heat really that bad for your hair? You bet. Powerful heat – typical of many other styling products like tongs, dryers and straighteners – will dry and weaken your hair and can cause it to break off. Your hair can lose volume and even change its texture. Your scalp can also be affected, as strong heat decreases the amount of natural moisture in your skin. Using heatless curlers reduces the amount of breakage and gives you a healthier scalp. Plus there’s no risk of burning yourself when you choose an overnight heatless hair curling band. Similarly, the harsh chemicals involved in certain styling procedures can also dry out your hair and skin or even cause an allergic reaction! There are absolutely no chemicals involved with the Aurora Band – it’s just one, comfy overnight hair curling band.

The best heatless curler – for everyone

Why should adults have all the fun – and all the fabulous curls? It’s strongly recommended to avoid using heat on your little ones’ delicate hair, which is why the Aurora Band comes in a cute child’s size too. Perfect for styling adorable heatless waves and ringlets for children’s parties, weddings or just because your little princess (or prince) wants pretty curls. The Aurora Band is suitable for all hair types, all age groups and is recommended by stylists worldwide as the safest and best way to achieve no-heat curls overnight.

Why choose the Aurora Band?

This is the original and best product for getting heatless curls overnight. You literally style your hair while you sleep – the ultimate in multitasking! Wake up and look like you’ve just stepped out of a salon, with minimal effort. As if the fact that it’s easy-to-use, affordable, protects your hair AND makes you look like a goddess isn’t enough, using heatless curlers is better for the environment. The Aurora Band doesn’t require any electricity so there are no carbon emissions, meaning it’s eco-friendly. There are several studies showing that even using small electrical appliances can contribute to your carbon footprint. No-heat curls also mean that you’re not using any polluting chemicals. So you can sleep soundly, safe in the knowledge that you’ll wake up with stunning heatless curls and that you’re doing your bit to care for the planet.

What are you waiting for?

Order the Aurora Band today – for less than the price of a blow dry! It will be delivered directly to your door, so you don’t even have to leave the house to get those salon quality curls. You can choose between a rich dark red colour or striking black. Buy The Aurora Band and get ready to rock gorgeous, heatless curls overnight. End your day with the Aurora Band and wake up looking as radiant as the goddess of the dawn.